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Did you know this can be cleaned easily and without damaging the shingles?

These streaking, unsightly, black stains are actually Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae growing on your roof. This hardy algae will shorten the life of your roof, by loosening the granules which make up the surface of the shingle. The algae can also increase energy bills in the summer months as it is even darker than the shingles and draws in the suns heat.

Note: Exterior Cleaning Solutions Inc. Roof Cleaning System uses a safe “No Pressure” method. We don't even turn the pressure washer on!

Why does your roof turn black?

Pollution, tree sap, and jet exhaust are the first things
customers think of when they see staining on their roof.
This black staining is caused by the growth of algae
(Gloeocapsa Magma) and fungus spores that land on
your roof. These spores need three things to grow: Heat,
Moisture, and Nutrients. The nutrients come from dirt and
the shingle itself, primarily the limestone filler used in
manufacturing the granules.

Will this problem damage my shingles?

Yes! The type of growth you have determines the amount of damage. These growths hold moisture, which very slowly causes premature failure. Home owners often forget the visual damage this growth causes to their roof. Most roofs are replaced today due to the way they look, and have nothing to do with the functionality. We are finding many people are replacing their 25 year roof in as little as 10 years because they look so bad.

What will happen if I don't clean it?

The more the moss or algae grows, the more moisture it will hold, keeping the roofs surface wet which, in turn, causes rot. The algae's roots work their way through the shingles and into the wood decking causing tremendous damage.

How do we clean roofs?

We clean the shingles the way that the shingle manufacturers say to clean them! After a brief dwelling time, the mixture is then gently rinsed off to reveal the instantly clean shingles, bringing back the beauty of your roof to almost new condition.

Will this "blast" off my shingles?

Absolutely NOT! The chemical mixture is applied to your roof at
around 45psi (Pounds per Square Inch). in comparison, the water
pressure at your outside water faucet is 60 to 80psi, depending on
your community's water system.

What about my gutters?

Every roof cleaning INCLUDES an interior gutter cleaning to ensure
that the solution properly drains away. We always use ladder with
safety stand-offs to prevent damaging or scratching your gutters.
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